Shorten web URLs and make links easy to share

Create short links that engage your audience: increase and measure conversions on social media, publications, e-mails, advertisements, QR codes, and other digital or printed outlets.

How it works

Our system converts long URLs into short links that are easier to share, write, and remember. Once scanned, typed, or pasted in the browser, the shortlink will take the user to the original URL. Additionally, you can monitor traffic on shortlinks to evaluate how they convert.


Enter URL and get shortlink

Type or paste a URL to create a shortened link that makes it easy to share and remember.


Share shortlink on digital/print

Use the shortlink on digital media (e.g., social networks and e-mails) or printed material.


Track clicks and visits

Access performance statistics, analyze conversions and improve engagement.

Features and benefits

From personal websites to professional use, shortlinks improve usability, engagement, and click rate.

Shorter links get more clicks

Research show that short and easy-to-understand URLs generate more clicks, get shared more, and convert better.

From blogs to corporate advertising

Shortlinks work great, from adding personal information to an e-mail signature to mass advertising on social media or print.

Understand engagement and conversions

Multiple unique shortlinks can be generated for a single URL, so that you can measure the impact of each campaign.

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